Other Services

Every company has unique regulatory compliance and workplace safety needs.

OECS experts provide collaborative safety consulting services for a wide range of companies that need to address OSHA and environmental compliance issues.

Developing effective safety programs and training requires a team effort that includes your company’s management, employees and OECS consultants. Our team will partner with you to create fresh programs that will keep your employees engaged, motivated, and above all – safe.

Our consultants will also keep your company updated on changes to OSHA regulations and proactively develop new safety training programs based on regulatory modifications.

OSHA 10 and 30

HP3-1-OSHA-10-30-TrngOur qualified construction professionals provide OSHA 10 Hr. & 30 Hr. (construction) training onsite or at a site near your office. We bring real life examples creating a meaningful learning experience through seasoned knowledgeable instructors.

Pre-insurance Audit

HP-3-2-Ins-Pre-AuditAn agent may “shop” your insurance to several insurance carriers as a method to lower your workers’ compensation (WC) cost. Our safety professionals will conduct a WC safety pre-audit to uncover loss potentials allowing you to “fix them” upfront. End result is enabling a more positive safety insurance report which translates into potential dollars savings due to less risk being identified.

OSHA 300 Log Assistance

HP-3-3The OSHA 300 Log tracks injuries, lost time and restricted duty.  A Company is required to accurately enter injuries, etc. onto the Log or be subject to fines.  Questions will arise on how to enter a situation onto the “Log.”    OECS safety professionals can help you sort how to categorize questionable incidences onto the Log for accuracy and for future analysis.

JSA Facilitator

HP3-4-JSAOECS safety professionals assist companies in using Job Safety Analysis (JSA) as a risk assessment tool to identify and control job function hazards.The JSA goal is to identify and evaluate operator work station job tasks for the purpose of pinpointing injury and equipment/product loss potentials to include employees working adjacent to the job being analyzed.  Many companies have used the JSA to improve work efficiencies by eliminating or minimizing loss potentials by changing workstation setup.

Mining Surface Sand Part 46

HP-3-5-Surface-Mining-webOECS safety professionals conduct the MSHA 8 hour annual required training as well as audits for Open Pit Gravel Surface mining operations.  OECS safety professionals maintain current credentials authorized by the Mine Safety & Health Administration to conduct training and audits.

DOT Assistance

DOT-Assistance-HP-3-6Why wait until a DOT compliance audit to find out that your records are not compliant?  OECS DOT Professionals review “Hours of Service Logs” and “Vehicle Inspection Records” to minimize any surprises during that DOT audit.   We also develop and train on DOT Drug & Alcohol programs which is a target regulation.


HP-3-7-Speaker-webWe provide public speakers for both national, regional and local conferences as well as local civic organizations.  Providing a speaker/presenter is a limited outreach program.

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