OSHA Assistance

OSHA inspections can be nerve-racking experiences for even the best prepared companies.

OECS consultants provide valuable OSHA assistance during an OSHA compliance inspection. Our consultants will be present during the initial walk through and serve as your “onsite advocate” to answer the OSHA inspector’s questions and help guide you through the inspection process.

We are there from start to finish – from the time OSHA shows up on site to the closing conference.

On-Site Support

HP2-8-1-OSHA-AuditOSHA is at your door: “I’m from OSHA; I want to speak to the owner or person in Charge!”  What should I do?  We provide “real time” onsite assistance when an OSHA Compliance Officer is at your door step; call us and we will be there for our regular clients to help provide OSHA assistance.


HP2-8-2-CitationsWe received our citations.  How do we know whether they are legitimate?  Our professional safety staff will evaluate the citations to see if they have merit.

Informal Hearings

Many citations are in the grey area. How do I fight the citations?  Our experienced staff will participate in the informal conference to abate the citation, reduce the seriousness and/or reduce the amount of the dollar penalty.

On-Site OSHA Consultation Visits

HP2-8-4-Onsite-Osha-AssistanceDo you wonder if you are in compliance or how far you are from compliance?  Do you want to know how you would “weather” an OSHA audit.  Many companies use our OSHA Audit Service to see where they are from a compliance standpoint.  There is a saying, “Better to solve the problem within the family than being forced to do it from an outsider!”  We Simplify Safety Compliance by providing a confidential objective review of the entire company operations ranging from identifying physical hazards to reviewing written programs to ascertain of any industrial hygiene compliance issues.

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