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Workplace Safety Consultants For Compliance

Occupational Safety and Health Compliance within the workplace has come a long way and will continue to evolve. If you are located in Minnesota, North Dakota or South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa and need help simplifying safety and to help clarify where your business stands in terms of its safety compliance – contact OECS. We offer a full range of Workplace Safety Consultants that can better equip your jobsite, workers and help you pass an OSHA inspection. Whether your just curious, have been notified that OSHA will be out, have been cited by OSHA or they are at your door, we can help.

Occupational Safety Assessments

There are many ways you can control the risks in workplace settings and one of the best ways is to identify possible dangers and eliminate or control the hazard appropriately. Our Workplace Safety Consultants can perform a thorough assessment of your occupational industry and highlight hazards that may have been overlooked. We also point out safety aspects that your business is exceeding in. Our occupational safety assessments can help your entire business be on the same page, reducing on-the-job risks.

Workplace Safety Programs

Our safety experts can devise a plan that will not only help you implement and increase the use of proper safety procedures required of your staff but also help you maintain the practice, long after our occupational safety and industrial hygiene professionals have completed their job. Our safety program can help allocate responsibilities, to help communicate the importance and increase accountability and acceptance in workers.

Occupational Safety Training

Our occupational safety assessors have the people skills, personality, public speaking skills and experience that will help keep your staff engaged in our safety training sessions. The more attentive your employees are, the more they will absorb. We are a company that has a passion for what we do and you’ll be able to see that with any of our services. Your workers attention needs to be grabbed within the first 5 minute of a training to absorb this important information. We use a variety of interactive, goal setting methods that will encourage participation custom designed for each of our specific clients.

Workplace Safety Audits

Our occupational safety audit service is a great tool to see how safely your business is producing. Great production doesn’t always equate to safe production. We will go through your specific industry and point out the safe and hazardous aspects of your worksite and how it’s running. We offer our workplace safety audits as a cost effective way to improve safety and efficiency. You have an extra benefit of impacting insurance premiums with lowering your accidents and providing a safety structure to your company.

Industrial Hygiene

Chemical exposure, skin protection, noise monitoring and air quality all fall under this category. If you’re not an expert on OSHA’s exposure limits and monitoring needs you might be putting your employees and business at risk. Our occupational and industrial hygiene professionals understand the regulations put in place and can help resolve health violations and provide knowledge of protection you may be unaware of and how control them for the future.

OSHA Assistance

OSHA is an important regulatory agency that has your employees’ best interest in mind. It can be intimidating when you hear from the Compliance Officer of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, a part of United States Department of Labor. Fortunately, OECS can help. We have worked with many as an advocate for small, medium and large businesses that are experiencing a workplace inspection by OSHA. This is not our first experience with OSHA, but it might likely be yours. We can offer you help and be the confidence you may need by answering questions and guiding you through the initial or follow up OSHA inspection.

Environmental Compliance

Environmental compliance within a workplace can consist of a number of different scenarios. Whether it be handing and disposing of hazardous wastes or air, water and soil pollution prevention – OECS is knowledgeable, equipped and an experienced resource that you can turn to when environmental reporting, testing, education and/or training is needed within your business. We have certified auditors that can assist you with compliance.

Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa Workplace Safety

Our team of Workplace Safety Consultants can also perform a number of other compliance and safety services, such as OSHA 10 & 30 hour training, Pre-Insurance Audits, OSHA 300 Log Assistance, Job Safety Analysis, MSHA 8 hour training mining audits, specific safety and training, as well as DOT Assistance. If you have the need for one or many of our occupational compliance and safety services and your business is located in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa or anywhere else located in the Upper Midwest – contact us directly at 763-417-9599.

Industry Specific Services

OECS services are very unique leveraging our Associates’ real life professional safety experiences into a significant benefit to our clients in compliance and controlling loss in a cost effective manner.
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Construction Specific Services

OECS provides Professional Safety Associates with construction safety director experience where they know the issues, suggest solutions and are accomplished trainers getting the message to the employees.
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