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The Workplace Safety Experts
OECS is an industry leader in workplace safety and regulatory compliance services. Since 1993, our team has provided best-in-class OSHA compliance solutions for a wide range of industries.

Safety Experts Serving These Industries

OECS is your Workplace Safety Expert – whether you’re at a construction site, industrial facility, building, office location, a client’s residential property, within a manufacturing company or anywhere else – our services can help you improve safety and compliance anywhere within the Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa state lines. Whether it be OSHA, DOT, Environmental, Insurance needs or just to ensure your workers have a safe occupational environment – we are the professionals you can rely on.

Our Safety Services Include the Following:

  • Safety Assessments
  • Safety Written Programs
  • Safety Training
  • Safety Audits
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • OSHA Assistance
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Pre-Insurance Audit
  • DOT Assistance
  • Safety Presentations

Occupational Safety Services for all Industries

We cater to all occupational locations and job titles. From preventing slip and falls, machinery accidents to workplace violence – your workers have a right to a safe and healthy occupational location and as an employer, it’s your responsibility to provide it to them. Simplify the weight of this obligation and allow OECS to work with you and your employees to prevent accidents, injuries, worker comp claims and death.

Commercial Construction Industry Safety and Compliance

There is a major need for proper safety protocol on any type of jobsite and the construction industry is no exception. If you have a crew miles off, there is little room for mistakes – especially if your workers aren’t appropriately protected for the job and risks included in their laborious tasks. Construction work has a higher fatality rate than the average American occupation, which is a very good reason why OSHA regulations can be stricter for the construction industry. We frequently help commercial construction companies stay compliant and keep their hard workers safe. The benefit of our occupational safety services will pay for themselves with less workers’ comp claims and more days on the job.

Residential Construction Industry Safety and Compliance

Half of the American construction industry is dedicated to residential work, which means regardless if you’re working on a commercial or residential job site, higher risks exist. Our workplace safety consultants can implement strategies to improve safety at jobsites and encouraging workers to comply. Keep your workers happy, healthy and safe by working with our occupational industry safety experts.

No matter your industry OECS, can improve the safety and compliance aspect of your occupational area. We focus on your specific workplace needs to bring safety to the forefront. Your workers have a right to be safe, show them you can and be more confident if OSHA ever inspects your place of work.

Minnesota, North & South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa Workplace Safety Compliance Assistance

The cost of one of your workers getting injured on the job is greater than the cost of our preventative occupational safety services. We are the experts to turn to before an occupational accident happens, preferably. We can help you implement the safety features for your industry and teach your employees how to use them comfortably and correctly. Get your whole team on board with the proper procedures that will reduce their risks while making a living, so they can continue to provide for themselves and their families.

If you’re interested in our Safety Compliance Services for your Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa business contact us directly at 763-417-9599.

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