Mitigating OSHA Fines

After working with the company for 1 ½ years, they were able to complete the OSHA citation items within the deadlines, turned around the strain/sprain injuries and corrected the guarding issues. The positive outcome is the company received favorable quotes from the insurance carriers. Learn More…


OSHA's New Recordkeeping Rules now in place

February, 2015
Establishments located in States under Federal OSHA jurisdiction must begin to comply with the new requirements on January 1, 2015. Learn More…

Workplace Safety & Compliance

OSHA Standards have been set in place for good reason, but that doesn't always make them easy to comply with. Are you are concerned about what approach to workplace safety to use? An OSHA inspection or violations? If you would like to increase your company or jobsite's chances of passing an upcoming OSHA inspection with flying colors – OECS, Inc. is your best resource. We relieve a majority of the stress associated with both OSHA inspections and compliance for companies in the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa and others. Before OSHA comes to your workplace, be prepared by contacting the OECS safety professionals who Simply Safety.

We Simplify and Improve Safety for the Workplace

OECS has an in-depth process that will assist your company with increased compliance, as well as keep your workers safe: Assess, Develop, Implement, Train and Audit. Our safety consultants closely communicate with your business to help design a process that fits your specific company needs. Each industry needs to meet with many standards that are "performance based". We will design for you a process to meet compliance and training requirements to include employee education and assistance, all which is directly intended to assist you in keeping your workers safe and healthy.

OSHA Citations

Has your company received a notice of violation by OSHA or do you know of another company who have received an OSHA CITATION? You need somewhere to turn that is reliable, responsible and can meet the abatement deadline. We can help you resolve your citations or many repeated violations. According to OSHA's website ( one citation penalty can cost as much as $7,000 and repeated or willful violations can cost a company up to $70,000! Have you violated an OSHA standard? Don't know? It's worth more than just your time to contact OECS prior to the return of the OSHA inspector.

Top 10 most Frequent OSHA Cited Workplace Standards:

  1. Fall protection (C)
  2. Hazard communication
  3. Scaffolding (C)
  4. Respiratory protection
  5. Powered industrial trucks
  6. Lockout/tagout
  7. Ladders (C)
  8. Electrical: wiring
  9. Machine guarding
  10. Electrical: systems design

C = Construction standard *

Avoiding OSHA Citations

Our services can allow you to be more confident that your workplace is safe for your employees and more OSHA compliant before their inspector shows up. The result is preventing the embarrassment of posting citations around at your business and perhaps the company's name in the news. As an employer, it's important that you provide a safe workplace for your workers and for them to know that you have their safety in mind, because without them you wouldn't be where you are today. It's safe to say you are an expert in your growing industry but it's impossible to be an expert in every industry. Let the workplace safety professionals at OECS focus on the safety of your workers so you don't experience devastating setbacks due to unknown hazards that we can resolve, as experts in workplace safety.

Up to Date OSHA Regulations

Just like society, technology and even the weather, federal standards also evolve with time. What was classified as safe in 1971, the year OSHA was founded, may not be classified as safe anymore. In order to improve safety in the workplace, the regulations need to continually adjust to fit current demands. OECS is well versed in all of the new OSHA regulations to ensure our safety consultants don't miss any regulations, new or old, put in place to protect your workers.

Insurance Safety Compliance Services

We perform workplace safety evaluations prior to an insurance carrier Work Comp Loss Control audit which can have a direct effect on insurance premiums. Often times, a company will have this audit conducted for peace of mind. We work with you to reduce preventable workplace hazards or losses that have the potential to affect insurance premiums.

Safety is not just a preventative for injury, it will save lives.

If you would like help simplifying workplace safety so your company is more compliant with OSHA and/or Insurance and your workplace is located in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin or Iowa contact OECS, Inc. now at 763-417-9599.

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